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discover Crete

Published on March 27, 2017 by myhousetorent

Go to Crete

Most people believe that Crete is an Island.
In fact is very long and high mountain dropped in the sea , to separate the Aegean from Libyan Sea. As the southern part of Europe, and a link between three continents Asia, Africa and Europe.
Crete couldn’t be a unique Mediterranean without its picturesque villages and their authentic character.

Often retreated to the mountains, surrounded by nature of snow covered mountains, and down to small valleys,  with olive and orange trees,  the visitor has a lot of nice discoveries once leaves the main roads from the North to meet these villages.
Beautiful beaches,  high mountains, traditional lifestyle, Cretan hospitality.
Archaeological interests, picturesque villages, deep gorges, mix with good wine ,great varieties of cheese , Local tasteful plates in every tavern, together with dance and religious summer festivities.
Rent a house  directly from owners in Crete and Santorini for summer holidays, offers the best way for quite holidays, time to spend as you wish in calm, having breakfasts and lunches at whatever time you like, been with locals around or alone, and the most important , spending less than hotels.
Our houses and studios to rent, are located  away from huge hotels and mass tourism, in villages by the sea and considered to be most nice places to stay in Crete.

What about Chania ?

Walk  in the narrow streets of the city, early in the morning or late at night, inside the labyrinth of old Venetian palaces, Turkish wooden facades and twisting Greek concrete houses… … You will hear voices coming from the stones, whispering stories of the past in Arabic, Latin, Turkish,  Hebrew or… Greek.

The stones are murmuring secrets of past lives : the happiness, sorrows, hopes and fears of so many generations which were born, grew up, fell  in love and died within.
From the top of the Venetian fortifications girdling the old town, one can hear these conversations pursued above the city’s roofs.

The fortifications surround the remaining two minarets, the Egyptian lighthouse and the mosque of Giali Tzamisi at the port’s entry, the synagogue of Chania, the Catholic church and the Orthodox cathedral’s bell towers.   Centuries, religions, people come and go, but the prisoners of Chania’s charm keep coming back every year and at every opportunity.

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