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Avoid commissions and fees to book a holiday rental !

Published on June 20, 2018 by myhousetorent

Find your vacation rental without  commissions and service fees

 Here are, some tips-suggestions on how to over pass bookonline sites   and contact the owners directly.

 Do you hate added  charges and fees for booking ?
Fed up of being rushed to and   ?

World market to reserve a holiday house through book online systems OTA, is like a small lake where  four  major (multinational book online sites) hippopotamus are fighting!
So small fish (vacationers) and frogs ( owners) are smashed. In this case, guests pay huge  percentage of fees to book a house (8-18%,  owners pay also 3-8%,just for an automatic on line reservation.This is usually called: Processing fee, commission, transaction fee etc.

Find  hidden telephone number of the owner!

*(depending to site is listed  and if  owner has added it in his advert)

(* Do not worry, it’s a safe place that will not create any problem on your computer!)

If not, follow steps below :

  1. Copy  the name of the property, and insert into Search  of your browser, to find a given name of the house + location (many owners have their own site!)

  2. Copy the first sentence of house description and paste it into your browser.
  3.  Try with to move the initial photo into your  Google – images browser ! (sometimes owners show the same initial photo in all their ads. So you can detect their original site.

    *You can use a simple way to find a specific photo in which sites appears at

  4. See if in a Google map, and to specific location is noted by its name,the hotel or villa. Usually there is a reference to their site also.

Remember: book on line  platforms have filters to hide your attempt to give your mail or any personal contact reference,

Do not try to send your mail through them because what will be automatically hidden and will not be visible! (but you can try by insert spaces between name and symbol @  or  spaces and then (at)  or repeat  @@@ and space.

Other tips:

  • Demand the owner  through online platform to write to you their known name of site  (just the name  without http//www) in capital letters so you can browse and get their site.
  • Send  them via online platform your telephone number  marked as :  country code then one whatever word then, first two numbers, then one whatever word,then two more numbers then one whatever word so at the end the owner can  get your phone number to speak to you.
  • Write your   facebook  profile name , mention the term -social media -and location , so  they can track out, and contact you ! Or or search their name  in facebook.
  •  Try to have a phone conversation with the owner, once you have it !   Dont be shy,  it really helps you get a feel for what kind of person you are doing business with.  Most owners are happy to answer to all your questions. Do that !

Avoid A Vacation Rental Scam :

How to check if a house and owner is bogus

1. Have a phone conversation with the owner. So you check that the phone number is local to the country and location of the house.

2. Also, to have a skype or facebook live within the owner of house you are interested!

tips: Pay for your vacation rental with a wire transfer?

How to verify the owner of a vacation rental:
This is a main issue, when you try to rent a holiday home directly from the owner.
How to trust sending money?
Note that over this security is based in major part the campaigns of multinationals and on line booking they collect exorbitant fees and commissions.
It happens that ad is fake,but this happen also in the on- line booking sites…
The answer:
1. Demand a fix line telephone number to talk with the owner( so you can check the country and aerea code of country the city ! and call the owner.
2.Verify that IBAN number belongs to a local bank of the owner.
Check in the finder below:

Isert  the IBAN number , validate it  and  will give the owner’s bank name and  local adress.

*If you like, send the link of this page to your friends! They will appreciate your tips!

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