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Vacation rentals frauds – how to avoid

Published on May 5, 2019 by myhousetorent

Avoid A Vacation Rental Scam :

How to check if a house and owner is bogus

How to verify the owner of a vacation rental:
This is a main issue, when you try to rent a holiday home directly from the owner

1.Verify Google map location of the house.

2.Demand the owner  the link to other trusted sites like Airbnb, Homeaway etc.

3.Have a phone conversation with the owner. So you check that the phone number is local to the country and location of the house.

4. Also, to have a skype or facebook live within the owner of house you are interested!

tips: Pay for your vacation rental with a wire transfer?

How to trust sending money?
Note that over this security is based in major part the campaigns of multinationals and on line booking they collect exorbitant fees and commissions.
It happens that ad is fake,but this happen also in the on- line booking sites…
The answer:
1. Demand a fix line telephone number to talk with the owner( so you can check the country and aerea code of country the city ! and call the owner.

2. SEND the money by Post, in home address of the owner (not in poste restante! )
3.Verify that IBAN number belongs to a local bank of the owner.
Check in the finder below:

Isert  the IBAN number , validate it  and  will give the owner’s bank name and  local adress.

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