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Discover Cretan wines – Tasting -Degustation

Published on April 22, 2018 by myhousetorent


Tasting Cretan wines center

Among 10 varieties of Cretan wines, the most common varieties of local wines of Crete are:

                                                            In white wines:

Vilana: The island’s white star, Vilana, fascinating fine aroma, its light taste.

In red wines:
Romeiko: A particularly resistant variety with easy germination and harvesting almost all over the island, gives red wines is characterized by high alcohol, average acidity and few pigments. Has also variable color from pink to deep red – which is due to the distinctive variegated grapes growing on the numerous branches of the plant.
The name Romeiko id due to the Ottoman name given to Greeks as Roman’s from ex-Roman empire which was succeeded by the Byzantine Empire based in Constantinople

Kotsifali: Soft and mellow, full of plum fragrances, fleshy Kotsifali can be described as the Cretan equivalent of Merlot.
This variety gives a “typical Mediterranean” red wine, a soft color, aroma intensity, relatively high alcohol content, mild tannins and acidity. Usually, Kotsifali is mixed with many red varieties of vine, and especially with following variety of Mantilari.
Mantilari: Wild and unpredictable like the Cretan mountains and its people, is considered to be the king of native red varieties.
although monocytic specimens from the mandible are rare.
it participates in a large number of red, rosé and dessert wines.

Liatiko: It is a red vine variety that can give red dry wines of exceptional finesse, but it reaches its peak in the sweet wines. However, while most red varieties of vines are combined with the addition of alcohol during alcoholic fermentation, for the creation of enhanced sweet wines, sweet sweet wines are made from sun-dried grapes (sun-dried wines).


Discover Cretan wines – Tasting

Tasting sessions:
in Chania Old town book an appointment for 15,30,minutes sessions:

For bookings:
Seek infos at

or better call +30 28210 27068 Mrs Maria Tsombanaki

Tasting wine from 4 different varietes of bottled Cretan wines.
Learn about Cretan wines.
Learn thee correct way to taste a wine and how to recognize its aroma,color and taste!

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